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If you’re determined to get on top of drinking enough water then you will know that having the best water bottle can be a great help. But with so many to choose from out there, it can be hard to know where to start. Staying hydrated is so important but, with convenient coffee shops seemingly everywhere these days, it’s easy to drink a lot of caffeine throughout the day without realizing it, and at the same time just not get enough water. Finding the best water bottle can be a real gamechanger, so Live Science has pulled together a curated selection of the top choices for you.

What the experts say

Personal trainer Elliot Hasoon told Live Science that “many of us have multiple water bottles sitting in our kitchen cupboards and while it can be beneficial to have more than one for different activities, the most important thing is that you use it regularly. If you pick a water bottle that fits your criteria and that you enjoy drinking from, you’ll have a much better chance of remaining hydrated.”

Health experts love to hammer home the message that we should drink plenty of water each day, but how much do we actually need? Elliot Hasoon, personal trainer and founder of EH Coaching, told Live Science that the exact amount is dependent on factors including your gender, how active you are, the local climate, what you eat and your overall health. “However, as a rule of thumb, the average woman should aim to consume 2.7 liters [11.4 cups] per day and the average man should aim for 3.7 liters [15.6 cups] per day,” he said. “But bear in mind that this doesn’t purely need to come from water, and other fluids you consume during the day can contribute towards this total.”

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